Dog therapy

‘You must be kidding me’. This is what my friend said when he asked me what cheers me up. And the answer was my dog.

‘What’s so weird about my dog making me feel better?’. I didn’t know how to react, it seemed (and it still does) normal to me.

‘Nothing’, he gasped.

And I still don’t know what he had in mind. Dogs are perfect creatures. And they know you inside out. Me and my dog have experienced a lot of good and bad things. She(my dog’s a female) licks my arms whenever she sees me crying. She likes going outside and running. Although I’m not the best runner in the world(actually, I could compete in the category of worst runners) I like chasing her. And she’s so cute when she sleeps. She’s a pug so there’s a lot of snoring in our house. I like sleeping with her! She just lays next to me and it feels so comfortable.

I know, family and friends are always(or almost always) there for me and I cherish that but when you see a little creature staring at you and you know that it loves you unconditionally, it takes your breath away. ¬†Therefore, i encourage you not to take a dog’s love for granted. Once you feel it, you can’t get enough.

Don’t kill

Hmmm, I don’t really understand why so many women do abortion.

Age? Well, in my opinion age is not an obstacle to raise a kid. Of course, if you’re in high school and pregnant it can cause some problems. You will have to sacrifice spare time, parties, in one word everything in order to be an excellent mom.

Money?¬†I get it, if you don’t have much money, you may think ‘how am I going to raise a kid without money’. Believe me, money is not that important. Well, you need money but only to buy food, clothes, shoes and school equipment. You don’t have to buy Versace or Prada stuff. As a daughter I can say that the most important things in family are love, trust and understanding. Definitely not money.

No man? I can only imagine what it feels like to be a mom. It’s hard. But being a single mom is even harder. You have to be 2 in 1: mom and dad. But it is very possible. It may get tough at times but when you see a little angel’s face saying ‘mommy, I love you’, I’m sure that all of the problems don’t matter.

So, if you’re pregnant and thinking if you can handle it, don’t worry. You can. Just don’t do an abortion. Girls and women with MRKH would give¬†anything in this world for the opportunity to have a kid.

Grandparents are a true blessing

Grandparents are a true blessing. Yet, to my utter astonishment, many acquaintances of mine take them for granted.

I lost my last grandfather 7 years ago so I know what it’s like to grow without the warmth of grandparents. While my peers complain about being sent to visit their grandparents who live in a village, quite honestly, it’s what I have always dreamt of. The feeling of freedom that comes once you’re in a village and smiles on your relatives faces, these are the simple things what I simply have not experienced.

There are many dark days full of sadness in my life. Then I usually imagine my grandparents. How they look like, how they act. And there’s a thing haunting me and it’s not knowing and doubting if they are proud of me. Do they think I’m worth it?

As a conclusion to this I would like to encourage you to love and respect the ones who are always there for you. If any of your grandparents is alive why not visit him/her? Why not call? Because, however, not everyone has a chance to do it. Don’t take them for granted. Never.

My king

I’m not successful with guys but I’m good with him. Everything comes naturally, I don’t even need to try to find something in common because we can talk about everything. Most importantly, I can be myself without any fear of being misunderstood.

From monday to friday he goes to work. He’s oder than me; old enough to be wise and experienced in life, old enough to be mature. Yet, he’s young enough to be immature with me, he’s not afraid to act like a weirdo with me. He doesn’t work out but he is willing to play outdoor games whenever I ask him to. He’s that kind of person who jokes around and cheers everyone up. I remember having some thoughts and I realized…

There’s no one better than him.

He brought me up.

He learnt me how to ride a bicycle.

He inspired me to write verses.

He proved me that there’s no point in being afraid of the dark.

He told me not to give up when I was down.

He was holding my hand when a doctor took my blood.

He believes in my dreams maybe even more than I do.

He loves me with all my flaws and imperfections and even mentions that I’m perfect to him just the way I am.

He is a perfect spouse to my queen.

Yes, I love him.

He is my dad.

The one that got away

You live so far away,

I know you cannot stay

But please, can I just say

The words I never did?



I bow my head for that,

My hands are shaking,

My mind is forcing me

To reminisce.



That night in 2011

You were so young,

Were coming home

And suddenly …



A life of innocent

And beautiful

Was chosen to be




They say ‘get over it’,

But for some reason I just can’t.

People surrounding me

Don’t understand-we’re more than cousins.



We are friends and I am proud

To say-You are my brother

To this day, no matter

What they say.



I hope you see the tears

That stream down our faces.

And even 2 years have passed

I wish you knew that i love you.



My guilt, my tears and you

Three elements that haunt me.

I see your face in every crowd,

I try to find you.



And that’s how your life ended up,

Way too soon, hard to believe.

Or should I say it’s just begun?

A fresh new start with Jesus by your side.