Stereotype #3 (Gays)

Several months ago I got into a big argument with my cousin. It was all about gays. My cousin, as a straight male, was trying to convince me that homosexuals are going against nature. I did not agree with him. In my view, gays are normal people. I mean, they are not killers or something like that which makes me think that it’s normal.

Unfortunately, many people don’t accept gays into our society. Why? They are also people, like heterosexuals, and we all need the same things. Affection, understanding, friends, family-it’s all that humans want. And it does not matter if you are gay or lesbian or bisexual or gay. It’s not a crime in being different.

Many people think I’m not normal because I support gays and their marriages. Why? Because love exists between two people and it doesn’t matter if it’s two men who fell in love or a man and a woman. I don’t care. I support love.

So, what we need to do is stop judging people. I and all of the people in this world I guess, want to live in a spectacular world. What does it mean? Well, all of the people are who they are, they embrace themselves and so do others.

Let’s make a change! Don’t be a person who stereotypes others. Embrace yourself, don’t let others define you and do not, DO NOT define other people. We are who we are and we all are beautiful!!!


Stereotype #2 (Boys don’t cry)

It is widely believed that men don’t cry. I don’t really know why people spread this idea. Both females and males are people with the emotions which sometimes take over. So why it is said that boys don’t cry?

Perhaps I would have never thought that this statement is not true, if I haven’t seen the scenery of men crying. My daddy and my godfather got extremely emotional at funeral of my cousin. Both of them were crying and it broke my heart so much seeing my beloved men crying. As far as I know my godfather isn’t ok even after 2 years from the funeral. But it’s not surprising. How can you be fine then your kid is dead?

Men show their emotions not only then they’re sad. I remember waking up early one hot summer day and riding to my uncle’s house in order to celebrate his birthday. The last time I saw him was 3 years ago, I suppose. And then me and my family knocked at his door he was at least surprised. After lots of hugs and ‘I haven’t seen you for so long’ statements, tears started streaming from his eyes. Little did I know he loved all of us so much. It was a bit crazy seeing my uncle crying but that taught me not to laugh when people get emotional.

With this post I wanted to break the stereotype called boys don’t cry. They do cry. They are people and at times they also can’t control their feelings. And that’s totally fine.

Stereotype #1(Muslims are terrorists)

I’ve talked to many people in my life. Some of them were really charming and clever, some, however, were so dumb I wanted them to vanish out of my life. Easy to say, hard to do when those people are, for instance, your classmates and so on. People say many things but what hurts me as a person is stereotypes and superstitions. Let’s talk about that.

I still don’t understand how people can divide other human-beings into groups. We are all equal and no one doesn’t have any right to judge other people. Still, it happens.

For example, many people claim that Muslims are bad people. In my opinion, religion does not define people. Sadly, the majority of non-Muslim people are strongly affected by the media. No one can deny the fact that thee are Muslims who are terrorists but that doesn’t mean that all of the people who pray to Allah are bad. Besides, there are thousands of non-Muslims who commit crimes but that also doesn’t mean that all of the people are bad.

In my view, every person is good. Unless he starts spreading bullshit, bullying and stereotyping people. Then, I think, he becomes bad.

All in all, let me tell you once again(and keep this in mind forever) religion doesn’t define people. Who we pray to is our own business and religion has nothing to do with being good or bad. Most of the times, it’s our choice whether to be good or bad.