To keep you up-to-date

Hmmm to start with…I’m not even sure that anyone is reading my blog but still…I feel like it’s a very incredible place for me to express my thoughts, emotions and opinions.

So, the first thing is that I’m happy. Now I can truly state “I’m happy” and that is nothing but true. ‘Why am I happy?’, you may wonder. Well, there’s been a lot going on in my life for the past few months. I’ve transformed from an absolute intravert person to be an always outgoing extravert(yeah, that’s possible). Since then, my life has been amazing.

Second notable thing is that I fell in love. With an amazing guy. What is more amazing is that he loves me back. We suffer a lot and everyday we get bad comments and/or glances but we don’t care. Now matter that the people say, I know he’s the one for me. They don’t know, they don’t even imagine what he’s doing to me. I don’t even know how I ended up with such a perfect guy and no, I’m not exaggerating.

Third: my boyfriend gives me motivation:

1) to do sports;

2) participate in various events and activities;

3) to be an open-minded person

4) to be a better person;

5) to love life as it is.


So, I guess that’s it. For now.


Hopefully, I’ll start blogging reagularly soon, if not then good luck 😉


Does He Like Me? (Pros And Cons)

I’m all about one guy. He’s cool, charming, funny, beautiful and smart. He thinks that every person has the right to live a joyful life, he is against wars and shit like that! Kinda like me. Actually, a lot like me. So, for the past days I’ve been trying to solve a mystery: does he or doesn’t he like me? Right now you are more than welcome to comment because I’d like to use some help from the srangers! It seems that my friends can easily tell me ‘oh yeah he likes you’ only because they don’t want to hurt me. I wanna find out the truth. Let’s go!

1st pro:Communication. I hung out with him a few days ago. My friends and his friends were also there. He seemed to be enjoying my company and we talked a lot. We have lots of things in common, for example, we both think that the world would be better without wars. And we also agree that racism sucks.

1st con:Communication. He’s quite different on social media. He very rarely starts a conversation first. This makes me feel anxious and it seems to me like I annoy or bother him. I don’t want to do that. Plus, when I text him, he does not reply instantly or he very rarely does respond me instantly. It’s really sad, because I usually write an answer to him as soon as i get his message.

2nd pro:Smiles. When we hung out(the same day like above;with our friends) he caught a moment when no one saw what he did to me. And what he did was beautiful, he looked at me and smiled to me with that spectacular smile and he winked to me. Is that a sign?

2nd con:Smiles. I don’t know if that’s true but 2 of my friends told me that my crush has winked to them too. What?? I hope that’s not true and if it is, then why in the world it’s happening to me??

3rd pro:He tries to touch me. Not in a sexual way. He does it classy. He just tries to be around me and he likes to touch my hand accidently. Also, once he put his hand on my waist but only for a few seconds. Isn’t that a sing now??

3rd con:Sometimes he’s cold. He tries to be next to me but sometimes he just abandons me and walks slowly alone. Does it mean that I irritate him?

4th pro:He listens&remembers. He doesn’t have any problem to tell what my favourite colour or band is. He remembers it all! Even my birthday.

I don’t have more cons but I do have some pros:

5th pro:He gets jealous. We were at the cafe and my dad called my cellphone. I picked it up and went outside to talk and then I got back I was attacked by my crush with question like ‘who called you?’, ‘was it your dad really?’ and so on. Also, my friends told me that one guy asked me for my phone number and my crush was furious. He looked a bit shocked and angry and then he made up some story about how some girls tried to seduce him. Pretty lame story and I think he made it up to make me jealous. Who knows that the truth is.

6th pro:He wants to have a connection with me. He likes to know what I’ve been doing during the day, what are my plans for the upcoming days and so on.

I don’t know what to do and how to react. I really like this boy but it’s hard to tell whether he likes me or not because he keeps being mysterious. One day he keeps me thinking he likes me, smiles at me whenever he sees me. And another day he’s colder than the ice and acts like we’re just friends. Everyone knows we’re not. We’re more than that. 🙂

It’s awkward but if you read it all then please comment and let me know what you think. Does he like me or no? (That is the quesion:D).

Dog therapy

‘You must be kidding me’. This is what my friend said when he asked me what cheers me up. And the answer was my dog.

‘What’s so weird about my dog making me feel better?’. I didn’t know how to react, it seemed (and it still does) normal to me.

‘Nothing’, he gasped.

And I still don’t know what he had in mind. Dogs are perfect creatures. And they know you inside out. Me and my dog have experienced a lot of good and bad things. She(my dog’s a female) licks my arms whenever she sees me crying. She likes going outside and running. Although I’m not the best runner in the world(actually, I could compete in the category of worst runners) I like chasing her. And she’s so cute when she sleeps. She’s a pug so there’s a lot of snoring in our house. I like sleeping with her! She just lays next to me and it feels so comfortable.

I know, family and friends are always(or almost always) there for me and I cherish that but when you see a little creature staring at you and you know that it loves you unconditionally, it takes your breath away.  Therefore, i encourage you not to take a dog’s love for granted. Once you feel it, you can’t get enough.