The beginning

Hello world! To begin with I’d like to confess that I got the idea to tell my story after watching Amanda Todd’s video. Too bad she’s gone 😦 Rest in peace & I wish it would have never happened.

Now let’s take a look at me. You might think that I’m bullied as well as Amanda Todd was. The truth is a little bit different. I am not bullied but I’ve got my story to tell.

I am 18 years old and I live in Europe in a small country that people barely know. To those who are curious about my name (Esther Aimal Mercado) I can tell that it’s not my real name, it’s just a nickname I chose to blog with. First of all, I chose Esther bacause it’s Christian meaning is ‘secret’ or ‘hidden’ (later you will know what my biggest secret is) and Aimal is a Muslim name meaning hope. Mercado is a rare last name. That’s it.

Now let’s get back to why I am blogging here. It might seem like I have everything I need and more-I have a caring, loving family, I’ve got food to eat, water to drink. But my life isn’t that great. I have a rare disease. A syndrome called Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser or simply MRKH. I get it, many of you might not even know what it is because it occurs only to 1 girl from 5000. The thing is that a girl is born without a womb.

Yup, and this girl happened to be me.

Enough for the beginning but if you know someone with MRKH or you have it or are just simply curious, stay tuned. I will soon post about how I found out I have this shit.

Bye and lots of love,

Esther Aimal Mercado