My thoughts about Love

My thoughts about Love

I’ve been living for 19 years barely knowing what love is. Well, i had my assumptions about relationships which derived from my parents’ love and respect to each other. Also, I knew what it was like to love a brother, a sister, a pet, relatives or friends. But I never knew what it’s like to love a guy. Until recently.

Everyday I wake up thinking about my boyfriend. I’m in love, I admit it. However, I can still think clearly. I understand that he isn’t the best guy on this planet but so what? I know that he might not be the most handsome or clever boy ever. But to me, he’s perfect. I see his imperfections as perfectly normal thing. It makes me love him even more.

Yet, I’m not sure what is love. Is it a feeling you get when you wake up smiling because you’re thinking about that person? Or is it a ”your problems are my problems or my problems are your problems” kind of thing? Or maybe it is a desperate wish to be with that person 24/7? If all of this indicates love, then I’m in love forever. Because right now I would like to spend the rest of my life with my current love.


Shortly about perfection

Yup, i totally agree.

Still, everyday I see others attempts to fit in and be ‘perfect’. People need to understand that no one’s perfect and that’s perfectly fine. We all need to embrace ourselves.

I know I’m far from being perfect but you know what? I’m not my road of loving myself!



It’s been almost 2 years since my awesome trip to Turkey. Even through it is spring I wouldn’t say that spring has came to my country. It’s still cold and the snow hasn’t gone.

So today I was sitting in my class and I realised what I was gone. My body was there in a classroom but my mind was somewhere else. I found myself thinking about summer, Turkey and the heat which made me happy everyday then. While I was re-living Turkey events I started thinking about why people hate Muslims, This post is going to be about West and East, Christians and Muslims and Muslims against the world.

The first thing that I want to remind is that people are different and that is the reason why our religions may not match perfectly with others. But is it so different? Both Christianity and Islam claims that there is only one God. Christians pray to Jesus while Muslims do the same to Allah. People who say that Islam is a bad religion should seek more information about it. I am not Muslim myself but I am really interested in Islam. As a consequence I can tell you that Islam claims and tries to save the main values. For example, Muslims really love their families and they try to be with their relatives as much as possible. The majority of Muslims think that the most important thing in life is family. It is also the biggest value.

Secondly, many people say that the position of women in Muslim countries is awful. Well, it’s not so. Ok, maybe those women don’t have as much rights as non-Muslim women do. But they are respected. Have you ever heard about grandmothers or mothers in Muslim countries? They are respected very much because they gave a life, a birth and also it is said that a woman is weaker than a man. That’s why you’d be in bad situation if you said something bad about Muslim’s mom, sister, cousin and so on. They defend their women. And yet, women are not that free as women in the West. For instance, take a look at Saudi Arabia. Women are not in a good situation but at least they are being watched which means they are taken care of.

It is widely believed that Muslims are not free to choose. Well, you’re dead wrong if you think so. Muslims are the same as other people meaning they are free to choose where to live, what to eat and so on. They are even free to choose if they want to believe in Allah, Jesus or any other God, they can even be atheists. Don’t believe me? I will give you some evidence. For example, Turkey. It is considered to be a Muslim country then in reality in the Constitution it is written what a person has the right of freedom for religion. It shows what Muslims are free to choose. They are free people.

I guess many people don’t like Muslims because they try to spread the ideas of Islam and people get confused; they think that Muslims are trying to make them to convert. The truth is what Muslims are happy with their religion and they are not trying to force anyone to convert, they are trying to show what Islam is not that bad. Not all of the Muslims are terrorists just like not all of the Christians are angels.

To sum up, I would like to say what religion doesn’t make people good or bad. It depends on people. There are many bad people in this world and they come from different continents, countries and religions but I believe that there are millions of good people in our world. We are a big society with different religions, unique traditions and manners and our mission is to get along. If we manage to do that, we will have a world which could be described as ‘a perfect place to live in’.